Clover Park Technical College Foundation 16th Annual Scholarship Celebration

16th Annual Scholarship Celebration banner


Because of generous donors like YOU…the CPTC Foundation is thrilled to announce we exceeded our goal with $72,365 raised for student scholarships and emergency grants!



You made a difference: scholarship support impacts lives!

Your generosity helps CPTC students like Jasmine succeed:

“I started this program 11 years ago. I finished everything including my internship but had just a few more classes left until graduation. I had to drop out because I was going through a divorce, and needed to work fulltime. It has been a learning curve to say the least and I had extra classes due to changes in technology over the years. I plan to take this degree with pride and work my way up to being a project manager for an IT company. I am excited to redirect my focus on something I should have finished a long time ago. It’s time I got at least one degree in my lifetime and this scholarship is helping make that easier!”


Event proceeds make it possible for the CPTC Foundation to provide emergency assistance, scholarships, and vital support to CPTC and its students.