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CPTC Foundation scholarships provide financial assistance to help meet educational expenses.

Please read these instructions carefully before applying for a scholarship.

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Please note, the minimum GPA requirement has been lowered to 2.0 cumulative since this video was made.


Contact Us:

Phone: 253-589-6082
Office: Building 19, Room 101
Email: foundation@cptc.edu

General Scholarship Information

Award Cycle

Scholarships are awarded each quarter. Although students may apply each quarter and may qualify for multiple scholarships, students may only receive only one CPTC Foundation scholarship each quarter. Scholarships are not guaranteed and are awarded using a competitive review and scoring system. If you are not selected for a scholarship, please apply again the following quarter.

Only one scholarship per quarter/per student is authorized.

Available Scholarships 20-50/quarter
Award Amount $600+/quarter
Use Tuition, books and/or supplies
Deadline See below

Basic Eligibility

Applications will not be considered if you do not meet the criteria below.

Minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) Cumulative GPA from your most recent school must be 2.0 or higher. 
Loans must not be in default. Applicants cannot have a student loan in default.
Full-time college student (12+ college-level credits)
Must be a full-time college student for the quarter for which you are applying for a scholarship. Running Start and NW Career and Technical High School students are not eligible for scholarships.

NOTE: Running Start, NWCTHS, and other high school students may apply before graduation but must have graduated by the time the scholarship quarter begins.

Additional Eligibility Criteria

Some scholarships have additional eligibility criteria (such as a higher minimum grade point average, area of study, or completion of the FAFSA/WAFSA).

The online application will match you to all scholarships for which you are eligible based off of the answers you provide.

2022-2023 Application Cycles/Deadlines

Application cycles begin around the first day of each quarter and end approximately 3-weeks later.

Online application closes at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the application period. Late materials will not be accepted.

Quarters Online Application Opens Online Application Closes
Summer scholarships April 4, 2022 April 24, 2022
Fall scholarships July 5, 2022 July 22, 2022
Winter scholarships September 26, 2022 October 14, 2022
Spring scholarships January 4, 2023 January 20, 2023

While the online application will be available until 11:59 p.m. on the closing date, it is recommended that you complete your application by 4 p.m. as technical help will not be available after that time. Applications that have been properly submitted will state the number of scholarships you have applied to. If you see “0 Scholarships Applied” it is likely that you are not qualified, or accidentally disqualified yourself from scholarships. Please contact our office at 253-589-6082 if you are unsure why you did not qualify.

Application Process

All scholarship applications at CPTC Foundation are applied globally. Fill out one application and your application will automatically be applied to all scholarships that you qualify for. Your answers on the application determine which scholarships you qualify for. Not all scholarships will be available each quarter. We strive to ensure that at least half of the scholarships offered each quarter are open to all students who meet the basic eligibility criteria.

It is important that you do not leave any questions unanswered. The scholarships software will automatically screen out unanswered questions and mark your application as incomplete. Incomplete applications are not eligible for consideration for any scholarships. Once your eligibility has been confirmed, your application will be considered for a scholarship award. Any student found to have falsified information on their application, and have been selected for a scholarship, will have their offer of a scholarship rescinded. Applicants who continue to falsify their application may be barred from applying for scholarships. Eligibility answers regarding enrollment, GPA, loan status, student ID, and other basic information will be verified with the Office of Financial Aid. 

The basic application process is as follows:

  1. Read through this page to determine if you are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the CPTC Foundation.
  2. Click “apply now” or go to the online application directly. (https://cptc.awardspring.com/)
  3. If you do not already have an account, click on the “register” button.
  4. Fill in all required information and click on the “create account” button.
  5. Click the “start application” button.
  6. Fill out each section completely (Contact Information, Demographic Information, Financial Information, Academic Information, and Qualification Questions). Leaving questions blank may result in your application being rejected.
  7. Upload an electronic copy (.doc, .pdf, or .jpg) of your most current unofficial transcript, showing your cumulative GPA. If needed, scanners are available in the library. Please make sure your transcript is right-side up. If you are in your first quarter at CPTC, you may use an unofficial transcript from your high school or last attended institution. If you did not transfer in or graduate from high school, we encourage you to wait to apply once you have finished your first quarter at CPTC.
  8. Complete two essays (maximum of 500 words). Please use the writing center in the library for assistance with writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as these will impact your overall score.
  9. Click the “submit application” button. Note: this button will not be available until all sections of your application are complete. Once you click submit, you should see the number of scholarships you qualified for based off of your answers. If you see “zero applied” you were not eligible for any scholarships based off of the answers you provided. Please double check your eligibility to determine if this was a mistake. Answers may be edited and the application re-submitted prior to the application deadline. If you believe you received a “zero applied” message in error, and have already verified your answers are correct/resubmitted your application, please contact the Foundation office at 253-589-6082 for assistance.

NOTE: Carefully read all directions before starting the online application.

Application Scoring

Applications considered for a scholarship are awarded competitively based upon scoring. Scoring is achieved through two essays written by you, the applicant, and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, which consists of community volunteers. You have up to 500 words to answer each essay question. Each essay is worth a possible 12 points.

The subject of the essays include:

  1. Educational & Career Goals & Plans
  2. Current Circumstances/Ability to Overcome Challenges

To give yourself the best opportunity to receive an award, review your essays for thoroughness, grammar, and punctuation, along with content.  We strongly recommend that you seek assistance from the Tutoring Center in Building 15.

Technical Assistance

Should you need technical assistance (password, uploading documents, etc.) with your scholarship application portal, please contact AwardSpring directly.

AwardSpring 888-258-5628, option 2.

Other questions should be directed to:

CPTC Foundation
Building 19, Room 101
4500 Steilacoom Blvd SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Award Notification & Disbursement

All qualified applicants will receive an email notification as to whether they are receiving a scholarship (or not) approximately two weeks before the tuition payment deadline. Awarded applicants must log back into the AwardSpring system to accept their scholarship. Scholarships not accepted will be offered to the next highest-scoring qualified applicant for the award.

All scholarships will be applied towards the recipient’s financial aid account to pay any remaining tuition and fees due. In the event you receive funds from an outside source that already covers tuition (i.e. VA Benefits, Opportunity Grant, Workfirst, etc.), your scholarship may be made available to you via your Bank Mobile Option to be used for books or academic program supplies. Scholarship recipients must complete an agreement stating they will only use their scholarship funds for educational expenses. Scholarship funds may not be used for living expenses. In some instances, it may be necessary to adjust a student’s Financial Aid package when a scholarship is accepted. Award recipients must contact Financial Aid for questions about how this scholarship will impact your award offer, or to make an adjustment to the offer of aid for the reduction of loans or work-study awards. 

The entire scholarship application, review and award cycle takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. You will receive a notification approximately 4 weeks before the start of the quarter letting you know if you are receiving a scholarship.

You can log back into your AwardSpring portal at any time to see the status of your application and/or award approved/denied. Those who are selected to receive a scholarship will be notified by email that they must log in to accept their award. Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a thank you letter to the donor prior to receiving the scholarship.

Additional Scholarship Resources & External Scholarships

In addition to scholarships through the CPTC Foundation, there are a wide variety of scholarship opportunities available to students at Clover Park Technical College through outside organizations in our community and state.


For external scholarship opportunities, please visit the Financial Aid office in building 17, or contact Lisa Fortson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid at:  253-589-5688.

Additional Resources

The below resources may help you find a scholarship based on a wide variety of personal characteristics, goals, qualifications, and needs. These scholarship resources are not associated with Clover Park Technical College and must be applied to separately from CPTC Foundation scholarships.



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