COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

Students in need of assistance should apply through the Student Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP).

If you are able and would like to provide your support to the CPTC community during this unprecedented time, please make a gift to the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. Give online now:

The COVID-19 crisis is significantly impacting students working to better their lives at Clover Park Technical College. With closures to restaurant, hospitality, travel, and many other industries throughout our community, students who work in these trades will face difficult decisions in the coming months without swift and decisive interventions. Students in marginalized communities, including lower-income people, people of color, and immigrant communities, were already at risk before COVID-19. Now, more than ever, these students are at risk of giving up on their college dreams unless we act quickly and generously as a community.

Our students are facing significant challenges including:

Loss of income.
Many Clover Park students work in the restaurants, hotels and convention spaces that have lost their customers because of the crisis. Employee hours are being cut or eliminated as many of these businesses are closing. The loss of a stable income means students will be short the funds necessary for housing, childcare, food, and many other vital areas. If our students can’t pay their bills, school may be sacrificed.

Lack of Resources.
Many of our students have had to transition to on-line studies but lack the necessary resources, such as laptops and internet access, that are typically available in the classroom. This puts them at risk of falling behind and dropping out.

Childcare challenges.
All area schools will be closed through April 24, and many daycare centers have also closed their doors. Parents who can’t find childcare will have to work less, miss work, or simply give up their job. Again, their dream of a college education could be forfeited.

Housing Insecurities.
In the best of times, many students at Clover Park already struggle with food and housing insecurity. The 2019 #RealCollege Survey Report administered to 28 out of 34 Washington State community and technical colleges reports that across the board, Clover Park students reported significantly higher rates of food and housing insecurity and homelessness compared to the statewide average.

A COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund has been set up to expand our Student Emergency Assistance Program. We are asking for your support for students with the greatest need during this crisis. The first $50,000 in donations will be matched by a generous contribution from Clover Park’s Associated Student Government.