2021 Annual Giving Campaign

Join the CPTC 500

CPTC, Start Your Engines!

Each year we try to have some fun around our Annual Staff and Faculty Giving Campaign, and this year will not disappoint! For those of you who are new on campus, this is the time of year our CPTC Foundation reaches out to staff and faculty for support through payroll giving. Your ongoing support helps our students with scholarships and emergency assistance to help them ACROSS THE FINISH LINE!

Our goal this year is simple…we need 20 NEW payroll donors.

Your payroll deduction could be $1.00 to $5.00 per paycheck.

Each year is always a fun college-wide competition, and this year is no different!

We are going to the RACES!

Here is the starting lineup, meet our 2021 CPTC 500 Drivers!

In the #4 Car – Teresa Ievers – Representing the Finance and Administration Team.

In the #88 Car –  Rommel Villalobos – Representing the Institutional Effectiveness Team

In the #77 Car – Dean Kelley – Representing the Student Success Team

In the # 7 Car – Sheli Sledge – Representing the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team

In the #42 Car – Dr. Tom Broxson – Representing the Instructional Team

In the #15 Car – Dr. Joyce Loveday  – Representing our Team Leader Derrike Cope

Here is how it works….

Your monthly dollar donation = your points to vote for your driver. You may choose to allocate your points to whichever drive you wish. The more points the driver receives, the further it puts them in the lead.

NEW payroll deductions get double the points to vote.

The driver that has the most points by May 31 will meet us in the Winner Circle (Strengthening Community Staff Meeting on June 10) and we will celebrate the victory with a refreshing Gatorade Immersion Experience (with a flavor of their choice).

This is a win for students and a win for…well for us, cause it will be fun!

For NEW or increased payroll deductions, please go to https://www.cptc.edu/employee-giving and fill out the Staff & Faculty Electronic Payroll Deduction Authorization form, and then pick your driver! Double your points for signing up for all new donors!

For CURRENT payroll donors, please email janet.holm@cptc.edu and let her know whom you want to win the CPTC 500! Triple your points for increasing your donation during this campaign.

All donors receive a checkered flag for their office, the CPTC 500 E-Badge for your signature, and the satisfaction of helping students across the finish line!

Please consider a payroll deduction of any amount this year to support the college and our students. As little as $1.00 per paycheck can make a difference. If you are a current donor, please consider increasing your deduction a small amount.