I am not sure if you are aware of a program we offer to assist students’ families during the holidays called “Holiday House.” The program began in the 1980’s to provide food, toys, and gifts to students’ families. A small, dedicated group of volunteers returns year after year to ensure the success of Holiday House.

To receive assistance from Holiday House, a recipient must be a full-time student at CPTC, and the student must have a need as demonstrated by approval for Financial Aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Recipients cannot be receiving holiday assistance from any other sources.

This year, one of those adopted families was a couple with a third-grade child. The parents had an internship requirement for school, and could not earn a regular income. They worked weekends, which only provided minimal help. The father said, “We didn’t expect to have much of a holiday this year. Holiday House and our adopters changed all that. For that, I am thankful and ever so grateful.”

This family of three was one of the 87 families and 145 children assisted during this year’s Holiday House. This program is one way we support our students. Adopted families are treated to a memorable experience as students and children converge on a festive Holiday House in early December to visit with Santa and receive their gifts.

As each Holiday House season ends rarely are the tree and the last ornaments packed away without the sense that something very profound occurred. We know that we made a difference. Since Holiday House began more than twenty years ago, nearly 4,000 children from more than 2,000 families have been supported.

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