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Scholarships from the Clover Park Technical College Foundation provide financial assistance for educational expenses, including:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books
  • And/or program supplies.

Since 2005, more than 1,200 students have received over $780,000 in scholarship awards. Scholarships are provided to full-time CPTC students as a two-quarter award during the fall/winter and spring/summer quarters.

General Information

Basic Eligibility—scholarships are for full-time Clover Park Technical College students taking credit courses and pursing degrees and certificates. Some scholarships may have additional criteria including, minimum grade point average, specific area of study, or financial need.

Awards—most scholarship awards are for $1,200 for two-quarters or $600 for one-quarter. Students may apply every quarter and receive a scholarship every quarter, but will not be awarded more than one scholarship per quarter.

Applications Process—scholarships are awarded quarterly via an online application process.

Scoring—applications are reviewed and scored by the Scholarship Committee, consisting of volunteers from the Clover Park Technical College Foundation Board of Directors, alumni and the community. Scholarships are then awarded top-score down, based on eligibility requirements. Scoring is based on potential for success using information in the following areas: Campus & Community Involvement, Personal Achievement, Education and Career Goals & Plans, Ability to Overcome Challenges, Academic Achievement, and Instructor Recommendation.

Types of Scholarships

General Scholarships: Gifts of any size may be made to the General Scholarship Fund. The General Scholarship Fund awards merit scholarships and scholarships in high-need areas.

Named Scholarships: Gifts of $2,400 (at the current level, this would be equal to 4 quarter payments of $600, over one or two years) may be made one time to fund full scholarships. We generally award the scholarship for a student on a two-quarter basis. Donors may name the scholarship and suggest additional criteria. Donors will receive a thank you letter from any recipients once per year in December.  This type of scholarship can be made as a one-time gift or on an annual basis.

Endowed Scholarships—gifts of $12,000 or more* may be endowed with investment earnings funding scholarships in perpetuity. Donors may name the scholarship and suggest additional criteria. Donors will receive a thank you letter from recipients once per year in December. Donors will receive an endowment report annually in the spring, detailing annual investment performance and expenditures. Endowments are managed using the Foundation’s Investment Policy and expended using the Foundation’s Endowment Expenditure Policy. Copies are available upon request. *Gifts to endowed scholarships may be given over a five-year period. Funds will be held in a dedicated account and invested after the minimum $12,000 is received. With a $10,000 gift, the endowed scholarship is established; no scholarships will be distributed until $12,000 has been received.

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