Emergency Endowment Campaign

The CPTC Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing assistance to Clover Park Technical College and its students, staff, and faculty. The Foundation primarily focuses on fundraising in order to assist with funds for:

  • Student scholarships
  • Emergency assistance
  • Staff and Faculty Development
  • Academic Program enhancement
  • Community involvement (Outreach and recruiting efforts)

At this time, the Foundation is kicking off a three year campaign designed to help provide sustainable support for Emergency Assistance to students. The Emergency Assistance program is currently funded by direct donors, as well as an endowment (a large sum of money that was given to the Foundation to invest, and the interest from that investment is used annually to support the program). The three year campaign will focus on doubling the funds in the endowment, so that the interest earned can meet the needs of the program without having to continually fundraise from individual donors every year.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $75,000 by the Fall of 2020 in order to double the Emergency Assistance endowment. Join the team and help our students stay in school by pledging your support today! Download your pledge form or make a donation below.

College students are often faced with financial challenges as they work toward their educational goals. These can come in the form of unexpected rent increases, medical emergencies, or car trouble for example. In 2016, CPTC’s Foundation helped more than 200 students with the emergency assistance they needed to continue their education in the midst of life’s barriers. Your gift today will continue to make it possible for students to persist toward educational success.

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