Field trip improves observation skills

By Lara Cooper RN, MSN-Ed CPTC Nursing Instructor Physical assessment skills are amongst the first skills taught in any nursing program. Keen observation skills are essential for learning physical assessment, yet these skills are difficult to teach even in the...

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Exceeding Society’s Expectations

Shari (Name Change) is a first-generation female college student. She shares “it is important to me to set an example of success in higher education for my seven younger siblings.” Shari was “a child from a low-income family.” She wanted to break the stereotypes for...

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Holiday House

I am not sure if you are aware of a program we offer to assist students’ families during the holidays called “Holiday House.” The program began in the 1980’s to provide food, toys, and gifts to students’ families. A small, dedicated group of volunteers returns year...

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African Student Final

Two weeks ago, I shared a story about an international student from an African village that had been overrun by terrorists. He came to America seeking an education to escape, and his sponsor passed away leaving him without the funds to complete his education. Now let...

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African Student

Recently, a cool experience happened at the Clover Park Technical College Foundation Office. In November, a student was brought to our office in need of help. Having students come to our office asking for help is nothing new, we assist hundreds of students each year....

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Homeless student becomes a “scientist.”

My daughter is nine years old and tells everyone that her mother is a scientist. I work at a research laboratory as a histotechnician. Our lab is currently pursuing cures for glaucoma, cancer, radiation, and diabetes. Each day I take specimen samples and create slides...

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I found my sister

After my sister left our home in Honolulu and came to the mainland in search of her dream, our family lost contact with her and wondered where she was. I came to the mainland with my son, and searched for my sister for two years. I worked as a demolition specialist...

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