Areas of Support

Annual Giving/Emerging Needs

Funds are directed by the Board of Directors comprised of community volunteers as needed to those most important needs that emerge.


General: Scholarships enable students to focus on their education by lessening their financial burden. Scholarships are merit based and competitive. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA at all times. Scholarships are primarily awarded on a two-quarter cycle with a minimum quarterly award of $600 (beginning fall 2016).

Specific: Named scholarships have been established by and in support of specific programs. Some scholarships are for specific groups of students (i.e. veterans, single parents, need based, women, international, etc.) For more information on establishing a named scholarship please contact the Foundation Office for specific guidelines.

Emergency Aid

Emergency Assistance: Simon’s Fund covers emergency needs including rent, utilities, medical, etc.

Emergency Temporary Grants: Short-term funding for students awaiting other verifiable funding (VA, Scholarships, etc.) All funds must be repaid.

Emerging Butterflies: Covers food pantry for all students, and basic needs for children of students, such as socks, diapers, boots, etc. (Coordinated through the Hayes Child Development Center).

Faculty Development

These funds provide faculty with resources to participate in professional development activities, allowing them to exchange knowledge, keep teaching and industry skills current, integrate technology, and enrich their classrooms.


Keeping our programs current and relevant, these funds are allocated based upon a list of needs determined by college leadership. Contact the Foundation Office for more information.


A gift of $30,000 to any of the above areas may be endowed, with investment.

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