Recently, a cool experience happened at the Clover Park Technical College Foundation Office.

In November, a student was brought to our office in need of help. Having students come to our office asking for help is nothing new, we assist hundreds of students each year. Students receive help through programs like emergency assistance and scholarships, but sometimes our office assists by connecting them to other college or community resources.

This time the student who arrived at our office was unique. He was an international student from an African village that had been overrun by terrorists. He came to America seeking an education and an escape from what his life would become if he remained at home. He has been learning about Computer Networking and Information Systems Security, training to work in cyber security. He is an excellent student, active on campus, and scheduled to graduate this quarter. His instructors have sent multiple accolades demonstrating how gifted he is in the classroom.

I am sure you are wondering why he needed help from our office. As an international student in our country on a student visa he is unable to work. A sponsor was providing funding for his education. Unfortunately, his sponsor suddenly passed away, leaving this student without any funds to complete his education.

In my message next month I will share how we have been able to assist this student to complete.

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