Two weeks ago, I shared a story about an international student from an African village that had been overrun by terrorists. He came to America seeking an education to escape, and his sponsor passed away leaving him without the funds to complete his education. Now let me tell you more about this incredible student.

Our Foundation awards scholarship funds to students through a competitive application process one-quarter in advance of attendance. Our emergency assistance program is only for basic life needs including housing, utilities, and medical. This student fell through the cracks of our programs. We wanted to assist him, and we needed to look beyond our existing programs.

We made a couple of phone calls to on-campus and off-campus resources. Those phone calls led to multiple resources to help the student for a longer period. We needed short-term assistance for the tuition was due in 10-days. I was thrilled to see a handful of individuals, some who knew this student and several who were complete strangers come together and provide funding to pay his looming tuition bill.

We also had this student complete several tasks on his own. He wants to stay in the United States, so he applied for asylum, and his application is under review. While this is being reviewed, he has temporary immigration status and is now able to work. He also contacted the minister in his church who was able to connect this young man with a support group from his home country within the community. He is now actively involved in that group.

We are so happy for this student. He just graduated! This student is one example of the services we provide each day to our students. For this young man, we saw firsthand the fulfillment of our mission, ensuring the opportunity for the education of tomorrow’s workforce.

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