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Welcome to the Clover Park Technical College Foundation. CPTC Foundation ensures the opportunity for the education of tomorrow’s workforce.

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Will a technical college save your life?

When you go to the doctor or hospital, you depend on a technical college graduate to complete bloodwork, analyze tissue samples, support surgeons and pharmacists, and provide nursing care, as well as many other health care services.

When you fly on an airplane, you depend upon the flight crew and maintenance team, many who are technical college graduates, to ensure your plane arrives safely at your destination.

When you have your automobile repaired, you depend upon the technician to properly repair your vehicle, thus eliminating any dangers from failed parts or repairs.

These are just three examples of how the variety of study areas at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) train students to save lives on a daily basis.

The majority of students at CPTC have significant financial challenges. Most are first generation college attendees. Most come from the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder. More than one in three of our students lives at or below the federally established levels for poverty. While we do not specifically track homelessness, we estimate approximately 8-10% of our students are homeless. Additionally, the challenges many students bring with them to college are staggering and often hinder their success.

Students may bring with them a history of childhood abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, drug or alcohol addiction, underemployment, poverty, previous educational failure, and many more challenges.

As we educate students in the classroom and support a myriad of other needs, we help them change the cycle of low self-esteem and bring them new hope.

Technical colleges save the lives of community members through their graduates. Technical colleges save the lives of many of their students who attend, by giving them hope for a better future.

Student success requires industry-standard tools, technology, and top-notch faculty and staff, willing to care and mentor. Student success also requires more. The successful completion for each of our students is achieved through a holistic approach to their education. This is why our foundation includes funding to recruit new students, provide scholarships and emergency assistance to sustain students, deliver program support and curriculum development to ensure student success in the classroom and workforce beyond.

Will a technical college save your life? Yes!

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