Shari (Name Change) is a first-generation female college student. She shares “it is important to me to set an example of success in higher education for my seven younger siblings.” Shari was “a child from a low-income family.” She wanted to break the stereotypes for low-income children. She also was part of the foster care system for a third of her life. “Exceeding society’s expectations” for foster care children is important to her.

Shari maintains a 3.86 GPA. She has been on the President’s List and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and is also involved in various campus clubs. Upon completion of her associate’s degree, Shari set a goal to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Shari is a success.

Being a student and attending college can be overwhelming.  At Clover Park Technical College, nearly one in five students are first-generation college students, and more than half of the student body receives financial aid. Two in three of the students are female.  Too often, they are low-income. Many are single parents.

Recently, Shari received a two-quarter scholarship award. This award provides financial support to Shari in her quest to complete her higher education goals. She says, “my humble beginnings have only helped me strive to be a successful person, and it has provided me with the experience to be a mature, appreciative and hardworking woman.”

Clover Park Technical College Foundation has awarded nearly $750,000 in scholarships to more than 1,000 students since 2005. These students, like Shari, have dreams and aspirations. Students want to have the same opportunity to succeed and provide a living wage for themselves and their family. Scholarships are one way that CPTC Foundation provides students the opportunity for education to become part of tomorrow’s workforce.

Thank you for being part of student success at Clover Park Technical College. Without our supporters, students would have additional challenges to overcome. For some students, this would become a breakpoint for them.

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